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The Unrealism of Cinematic Sex

7 months ago

A few months ago I wrote a post about the typical language used in films; sentences completely detached from reality (at least as far as I'm concerned) Typical situations that unfold seem a bit devoid of reality. Cinematic sex scenes are even more distanced from reality, and can even be called utopian/fiabesque...

It’s not about matching beauty standards: What men look for in women

7 months ago

There are moments that are absolutely unforgettable in this life. One of these moments is when you realize that a man is willing to pay a few hundred dollars for an opportunity to spend a nice evening with you and to take you to bed. The other is when you see other girls who you would never expect in this industry, making great money and earning at par with you.

Erotic Massage: Tips and Techniques

8 months ago

If you think that massages only constitute the decontracting manipulations for the cervix or cellulite draining treatment, you probably don't know what you're missing. There are so many variations of massages, all with their intended uses and purposes.

Professional preparation of a prostitute

8 months ago

When talking about sex work, people often raise the argument "this is not a job like any other", which is true (each profession is unique, but some are unique in their own special, eye-catching way). However for sex work, this statement is always expressed in a negative context.

Threesomes: The Ultimate Guide

8 months ago

In popular TV Shows such as "Gossip girl" and "Weeds" which have had a strong impact on youth pop culture, threesomes have been a real topic of conversation for the couples. Research indicates that an increasing number of people have tried threesomes.