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The Most Common Escort Services Offered

5 months ago

There are so many various services that can be offered by escorts, ranging from sexual to non-sexual ones. However, the majority of clients always tend to have a few tastes and preferences in common, making some services more popular than others.

Becoming An Escort's Favourite Customer: Practical Tips

6 months ago

There is a reason for the existence of so many escorts in cities all over the world. Escort business is among the most profitable customer service jobs, and the sector is highly appreciated. Additionally, there is an increasing demand for women who meet the high beauty expectations set up by men who are willing to pay the price to keep their company.

Fetishes: Is the Client Always Right?

7 months ago

Sex work is as diverse as its clientele, and this involves indulging in activities that sometimes can blow an average mind’s imagination. Mainstream media portrays sexual fetish as a disease, and while in some cases this may be true (think paedophilia!), for the most part fetishes allow individuals to enjoy peak orgasmic satisfaction.

The Unrealism of Cinematic Sex

7 months ago

A few months ago I wrote a post about the typical language used in films; sentences completely detached from reality (at least as far as I'm concerned) Typical situations that unfold seem a bit devoid of reality. Cinematic sex scenes are even more distanced from reality, and can even be called utopian/fiabesque...

Professional preparation of a prostitute

8 months ago

When talking about sex work, people often raise the argument "this is not a job like any other", which is true (each profession is unique, but some are unique in their own special, eye-catching way). However for sex work, this statement is always expressed in a negative context.