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What is the life of a prostitute like? An honest insight

2 days ago

I have been making a living mainly from work in this industry. In the course of this year, I have come to verify many societal myths that I had, and I have accepted them. The experience has not been as rosy as I thought it would be, but it has not been as tragic as my friend told me it would be either. The work is more or less like customer service, depending on the type of client and what I am able to get out of the interaction.

Sex Toys Market Overview

1 week ago

The sex shop sector challenges every possible crisis and places itself in a position of real privilege within the market. This is a sector that knows no crisis, does not experience moments of difficulty and has been increasingly developing in recent years.

Power dynamics in sex work

2 weeks ago

There is a popular argument around. “Paying for sex implies that the parties involved aren’t equal. It implies domination, violence, and objectification."

Good sex like a three-star restaurant

4 weeks ago

I recently realized that I’ve had so many sexual partners (roughly 200?) that my way of thinking about sex has changed. About the role of sex. About the quality of sex. About whether I want sex.

Do prostitutes have body image issues?

4 weeks ago

I'll tell you this much; in an industry where your income largely depends on how much you apply yourself to the modern canon of beauty and physical attractiveness, it can sometimes be hard to feel good in your own skin.